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New Creative Ideas
New Strategies
Build & Test IT Technologies
Coach and introduce New IT People & Teams

With our clients we implement successful ICT engines that continue to run the businesses successfully!

Our society and future is all about STRATEGY, PEOPLE and IT TECHNOLOGY. We redefine your strategy in case necessary in order to make your business even more successful and future proof. We sit down with your people to get them fully committed and qualified to drive your business. We introduce new (IT) technologies that can help to change and boost your business. This is what drives us and gets us excited, every day!


Together with our IT partners we build & test Software. We offer small and scalable ICT solutions, design Big Data Dashboards and offer IT leaseteams. We are passionate in what we do and work with experienced and Young Creative innovative Talents. We only think and act in effective solutions that fit to the strategies and plans of our clients in the markets in which they operate. 


Many service deliveries are handled and communicated through multi channel online platforms. It has become a common expectation to get your online ordered goods supplied the next or even the same day. This demands an increasing challenge for IT experts to plan, program and service IT platforms in an ever growing global multi cultural and lingual work environment. Contact us for info on our references.

Banking, Finance and insurances

Banks have become IT organizations in which numerous transactions take place through an increasing number of contacts of which most of the handling has been automated. Everything takes place online; from the first contact with the customer whether this is a private person or a large multinatoinal business enterprise. Every contact, transaction needs to be documented and filed in a secured environment. This requires huge efforts and skilled IT specialists that can secure and automate all processes through several channels and (hand held) devices. Contact us for info on our references.

Media | Events 

The most part of our day to day life takes place in an online environment; through many communiation channels we reach out to each other. Enterprises know how to reach us become more successful; the ones that do not invest in online technology, less. In the media and event sectors it comes down to reaching large groups and atrack them to take part in an event. Ordering processes need to be in place through ecommerce platforms that include serveral payment functionalities in a secured environment. This environment is connected to fixed and mobile devices that make use of customized and constantly updated Apps. Besides the ticket handling lots of other information on the agenda of the activities need to be shared through audio and video applications. Everything needs to function well in a secured environment. Contact us for info on our references.

Education | online books & Magazines | e-learning | Science

More and more books are published online and read through tablets. Individual e-books can be ordered and read online. Since the introduction of the fastspeed internet publishers of educational books had to change their printing business to an online business. Thousands of books had to be digititzed and filed on computer servers. And  this was just the start of building and restructuring their entire publishing business. IT technology has become a core element of their business model. The publishing process has been transfered from ‘ofline’ printing presses to online ecuational cloud solutions including several video training elements that required different ordering, payment and invoicing structures. It also required several communication channels through several individual business partners including in- and external free lance users. Contact us for info on our references.

Health Care

Hospitals and healthcare facilities offer 24/7 care, and are constantly confronted with a growing number of patients and visitors. A modern health ICT infrastructure is the essential first step to achieve a  transformation, enabling clinical information to be passed securely and quickly between practitioners, and medical instructions communicated clearly and quickly using electronic means for increased patient safety. The main task of any healthcare facility is to service the patients. However a growing number of information channels using broad range of different digital file formats have forced healthcare facilities to put more attention to IT secured systems. The systems and platforms have to be secured from unwanted entries by external sources. Because IT has never been a main part of any healthcare facility, it is essential to choose the right thrusted partner to build and continue to service the IT network. Contact us for info on our references.

Big Data Dashboards

The cloud offers unlimited cost-efficient options in the storage, security and processing of data through open source data analysis software. There are endless possibilities in which data from conventional fixed data centers can be linked to external data from the cloud. This can be displayed “real time” in dashboards that can be designed based upon customerspecific queries. This is an enormous enrichment for analyzes of cloudbased data in combination with data from traditional data centers. The cloud offers flexible, cost-efficient options for scalable data storage that is optimally secured in accordance with the latest cyber security standards. In stead of downloading historical data into Excell files and time consuming reports, realtime data can be accessed 24/7 so that decissions can be quicker taken to stay ahead of the game.