Without sharing knowledge, experience and technology we will never be able to keep up with the fast developments of the society in which we live; WE HAVE TO RUN FAST! We therefore thruly believe in forming partnerships with the best and most driven and passionate in class. We are proud to work with our highly respected and valued IT partners and share their knowledge and expertise with our clients from a joined effort. Our partners can build on 20+ years of experience while building up excellent references on a global scale; upon request we are happy to share them with you. Listed below an introduction to our partners and we are happy to personally introduce them to you any time!

Software & application builders | software testers
access to 1400+ Software developers & IT architects

Our IT business partners have built excellent applications and tested software in various market segments that represent highly recognizable and respected clients over the past 2 decades on a global scale. We have formed complementary partnerships in order to build practical and scalable IT solutions for our clients from a one stop shop principle; We do not just sit down with our clients to advise; we design, develop, test and service all applications from a central managed and serviced source.


Our partner breaths technology and builds software; ‘We’re open-minded and knowlable hungry experts’

Have an idea for an app? Need a system to increase your company’s efficiency? Your business needs to grow through new IT technology solutions?

Name your idea and we’ll translate it into zeroes and ones. Let’s get those virtual wheels turning because we’ll always find the way to do it!

Passionate about IT

With our partner we form a strong team that are full time ‘IT geeks’. We know when technology helps and when it’s a curse. We’re not picky, be it an ancient PHP version or a bleeding edge gadget, we put our shoulders on the wheel to get the project done.

The success in efficiency is the choice of the right tool and channel. We know what we need to broadcast ideas across the office. We use modern platforms to communicate with our customers.


‘We love to dig deep and get excited about complex IT matters; we like the challenges to test software on effectiveness and filter and work towards the best solutions in order to satisfy our clients who always comes first.’

We offer services on:

Quality Assurance in IT projects, including the most advanced Software Testing
Mobile application Testing
Performance & Technical Testing
Business process automation and robotisation Testing
Cyber security

We have flexible engagement models

Fixed Scope and Price
Flexible Time & Material
Dedicated Team Leasing


‘Our aim is to support innovative enterprises in achieving their strategic goals by utilizing our highly skilled, experienced ICT professionals on a local and ofshore basis.’

Determination of needs in the area of IT, hardware and software selection, development of IT strategy, conducting feasibility of projects. In the field of IT consulting, team of consultants rely on proven methodologies and experience, gained by implementing of existing analysis and projects. The key to success is close cooperation with the client to provide full control on chosen development paths.

Business analysis

Business analysis prepares enterprises for the construction or introduction of a complex (new) computer system. During the business analysis phase a team of consultants work together with client to fully understand the business principles of all operational elements of the organization. Next we determine what application-hardware environment is able to increase the efficiency of the organization and support the ongoing operation of the analyzed areas.


We implement information systems in the field of Oracle applications (BI, EPM, ERP systems), publishing systems, identification systems (ICMS) in the following sectors: financial, public administration, as well as industry, trade and services.