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About Aragon | ICT

ARAGON ICT ads value in optimizing organizations in the Netherlands to act more efficient and successful in the marketplace. We believe in the ongoing need for innovation and efficiency in order to secure future successes. By combining smart (Big) data analysis, agile methods and state of the art ICT solutions, we strengthen organizations and lift them to a higher level. With their partners Aragon builds on a history of more than 2 decades in which many clients on a global level have been serviced on their needs in organizational changes and adaptation to new ICT technologies. 

‘Improving your Challenges and the World through ICT Business Intelligence is what continues to drive us and your business!’ As Digital Data Transition Specialists we reshape the future of many organizations.

core values

Technology is a central component in everything we do. We are all connected and ensure that technologies are used ethically. We carefully listen to all our stakeholders; our employees, our customers and suppliers. We get involved in their interests and what drives them in order to be successful. We show our commitment in which integrity and thrust are the main pillars to mutual successes. Together with our highly valued and thrusted partners we are happy to take the challenge to reshape your digital future!

‘It’s all about ‘Culture, Community & the Customer what keeps us excited and driven! ‘